Anton Zolotov

What am I doing now?

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Hi, I'm Anton!

I run gunpowderlabs, a web and mobile development consultancy, where I turn great ideas into great apps.

I am fascinated with technology. I taught myself programming when I was 12 because I wanted to build my own tools and I was curious what happens behind the scenes when you press the power button on a computer.

I'm a polymath when it comes to software. I enjoy strategy, writing code, design, product management, architecture, business, etc. I believe that's my unique ability because I can see the big picture and set projects up for success.

My second passion is healing. Since 2015, I've been exploring different modalities of self improvement: seminars, books, meditation, breathwork, therapy, hypnosis, etc. People are computers (on one level), and I've been looking to upgrade myself.

I love skiing, hiking, and racing cars.

I live in Boulder, Colorado.


I started programming when I was 12, and I've been building web and mobile apps for clients for over a decade. These are the high-level processes and principles my team and I follow to build amazing apps.

My Approach to Building Apps